By Mackenzie Moff

Although downtown Arlington emanates rustic charm, don’t let it fool you into thinking our street fair is quiet and dull. Arlington’s fair is a bustling event where our community has the opportunity to discover local businesses and services. This event contains options for the whole family, from painting to books, candy to jewelry, massages to snow cones. 🍧

Perhaps what makes the street fair so successful is the versatility of all the businesses that attend. The Downtown Arlington Business Association (DABA) features an extraordinary amount of small, local businesses considering our town’s small size. The street fair hosts businesses from as close as a few buildings down the road to as far away as Seattle. 🏢

Besides, the street fair is an accessible and close-to-home option to spend a day. There is entertainment for all groups of people, and who could say no to shopping? The diversity of products makes the street fair a family-friendly and safe environment for all ages to browse. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

The street fair’s best quality is likely its family friendliness. Kids can try a wide range of amusing activities, including pony rides, plate spinning, rock painting, petting zoos, balloon animals, table-top games, bubbles, paint throwing, chalk art, toys, and more. And what parent could resist the handcrafted jewelry, leather products, resin art, candles, soaps, clothes, stickers, bird baths, and crochet and knitwear? 🎨

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On the other hand, you could take a look at the helpful services advertised, such as fitness memberships, carpentry, massages, construction, and so forth. All of the downtown businesses tend to have sales during the street fair, making this event a popular market. There are even options for dogs, with adorable puppy treats being one of the products sold at this pet-friendly fair! 🐕

Our small town is growing quickly, which unfortunately means our tight-knit community may become more difficult to maintain. This street fair is the perfect opportunity to reach out and make connections, whether you’re just a citizen or a business owner yourself. Connection is vital if we wish to stay close as a town. We here at Meet Me in Arlington hope to see you there!

Do It For the ‘Gram: Best Places for Fall Foliage Photos in Arlington

Fall is a time when cozy sweaters adorn shop windows, candles smell of pumpkin spice, and shopping carts are filled with cozy blankets, seasonal pillows, and fall décor. Colors of orange, scarlet, and gold dress Arlington on rainy days which pair well with warm apple cider and visits to the pumpkin patch. If you’re looking for that perfect spot to take a photo in Arlington this fall, here are a few ideas:

🍂 Charge up your phone at Moe’s Coffee before grabbing a delicious pumpkin latte and heading to walk the Centennial Trail! The trail will lead you to the walkable Haller Bridge, which is built over the Stillaguamish river. The Haller Bridge is an excellent place for a great fall photo opportunity.

🍂 Get your best Instagram shot located in our beautiful historic downtown. Set foot along Olympic Avenue, and you will find a set of colorful painted Arlington Wings that serve as the perfect fall IG backdrop.

🍂 Next, head to Legion Park, where you can find the fall trees twinkling with lights under the Autumn sky. Did you know at Legion Park we have an Outdoor Eatery? You can grab a bite to eat at one of our participating restaurants and enjoy a meal under the trees!

🍂 While at the park, don’t forget to take a fun photo underneath the Arlington sign at the historic Depot. The fall colors against the red historic depot are breathtaking! If you are looking for things to do in Arlington, The Stilly Valley Chamber of Commerce (located at the Depot) can guide you in the right direction. 

🍂 Visit one of Arlington’s famous farms this fall for that perfect harvest photo. Pick out your favorite pumpkin or fall décor at one of our family-friendly farms and take your best family photo! To view a list of farms to visit this fall, click here.

Photo Credit: 📷 Biringer Farm

🍂 If you want professional photos taken this fall either downtown or at a nearby pumpkin patch, check out Meet Me in Arlington for fall family photos by Gray Mountain Photography.

See even more ideas on discovering the outdoors on Meet Me in Arlington for hikes and trails that are sure to IG worthy fall pics. Share the Fall Love: Take a photo at your favorite historic Arlington location and tag @MeetinArlington # MeetMeinArlington.

By Mackenzie Moff

As a teen in Arlington, I’ve noticed that my upbringing has been shaped by our small town. I’ve also noticed that this small town seems to be growing up with me. Arlington has so many activities and healthy places for teens to hang out. I would love to share my favorite nooks and crannies with you!

From Haller Park’s splash pad to Legion Park’s winding walkway, there is nowhere in Arlington that isn’t connected through the expansive network of roads and pathways. Before I could drive myself places, transportation was hardly ever a problem.

Jensen Park and Terrace Park were some of my personal favorite playgrounds when I was a child. And who could forget the river? Although swimming in the river can be dangerous, it’s never a bad idea to find a sunny spot on the riverbank and spend time with family and friends.

As I’ve aged, more opportunities for fun have been provided to me through the school district. I am a very active part of the Drama program at Arlington High School. I know personally that our Theater and Choir performances are perfect for the community if they’re looking for a cheap but talent-filled show! Or, if the Arts aren’t your style, you could always attend one of our many sports games. Football season is the most popular, but all of Arlington High School’s sports teams are incredibly talented and fun to watch. A kid can even get a head start in sports at the Arlington Boys and Girls Club, where every star student athlete I know began their journey in athleticism.

If you’re looking for a casual date location or perhaps just a hangout with friends, there are plenty of places to go downtown to talk or have fun. The Mirkwood does karaoke nights often, which my choir friends and I attend frequently. If loud music irks you, the Fountain is a classic but quiet option to get food and a milkshake. We also have the newly opened Silver Scoop, where you can grab an ice cream cone before strolling through Legion Park.

I can’t imagine growing up somewhere where I couldn’t find fun, safe ways to spend my time.

Hopefully, you feel the same!

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