Easter Egg Hunt

Moe’s Espresso

Hello Arlington and Darrington communities! We had such a good time last year with our egg hunt that we have decided to do it again with a NEW CHALLENGE!

At Moe’s on Olympic and Moe’s Darrington we have placed a box in our lobby. We challenge you to fill the box with food before April 7th and we will give away $1,000 IN MOE’S GIFT CARDS!

Let’s help our community food banks by filling the boxes with the following items!

* Regular size jars of peanut butter
* Spaghetti sauce
* Spaghetti noodles
* Canned Chicken
* Canned soup
* Instant potatoes
* Hamburger Helper
* Rice-o-Roni
* Suddenly Salad
* Pasta-Ron

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Moe's Espresso

Easter Egg Hunt

Moe's Espresso

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Moe's Espresso

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