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Happy Little Paint Parties

A complete art kit for a DIY paint night or party with friends and family! Includes everything you need, minus the video tutorial and tracing pattern.

You could go buy all this yourself and spend double the money plus…. the time and effort…. OR….maybe you’re crafting on your own and need supplies just once, want to give a gift or watching a live and learning to paint, this has all your colors!

What you get in this paint at home box:

  • One 11×14 canvas OR two 12×12 canvas’
  • Re-useable Easel
  • Butcher Paper (to protect your surface)
  • Washcloth (re-useable to future paint projects!)
  • Styrofoam Plate (basic but necessary)
  • 10 Premium Artist Brushes (great variety!)
  • 11 Paint Colors (including a beautiful teal)
  • Disposable Apron (fancy, huh?)
  • Carbon Paper (to trace any printed image onto the canvas)

All you need?
A WATER CUP…. but most importantly your favorite beverage, a few friends with their own paint kit and some snacks!

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Happy Little Paint Parties

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