Upcycled Frye Boots

FauxyFurr Vintage


US 9.5

UK 7.5

EU 40

Color: Brown, Red, Black, Blue

Brand: Frye

Country Of Origin: USA

Boot Height: 6-3/4” // cm

( heel not included)

Length Heel-to-toe—-Measuring outside boot: 11-3/4” // cm

Sole Width: 3-1/2″ // cm

(across ball of foot)

Heel Height: 1-1/2” // cm

Toe Shape: round

Shaft Condition: leather in great condition, light wear creases across toes

Lining Condition: leather in excellent condition, look unworn

Heel Condition: hearty rubber in excellent condition, no edge wear on the heel

Sole Condition: hand-sewn leather sole in great condition, light tread wear on sole

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Upcycled Frye Boots
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